Iron Artist
I've been to the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island. When my friends and I arrived there, an event was being organized in the outdoor sculpture garden.
It was a competition named " Iron Artist " and seemed interesting.
We were lucky to find space on the stairs in front of the stage,as the spectators were increasing.
According to the New York Times, " The show drew more than 1.400 people. Dozens watched from the windows and even the roof of the museum."
It was fun !
" Iron Artist " is a parody of the TV series " Iron Chef ". Two artists and their assistants tackle the given theme and make sculptures in 45-minutes. And the judges choose the winner.
The theme was " love and its discontents ". Each of them made their sculptures using a medium they had agreed on in advance : giant blocks of foam.
The winner was someone we expected. He made a snowman with a carrot-orange nose and coal-black eyes. And they suspended it upside down from a flimsy wooden frame with a long brush.
They worked more meticulously, and the product was simpler and cuter then the other.

f0105693_032128.jpgAccording to the article,Brett Littman, the museum's deputy director, said "contemporary art doesn't have to be something that's off-putting or difficult."
I agree with that.



偶然、見た " 鉄人アーティスト " がニューヨーク·タイムズに載っていました。英語の勉強にとそれをもらったので、英語で書いてみました。^^;
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